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Unlock Opportunities as a BCF Sponsor: Your Path to Impactful Visibility
Empowering Black Lawyers to Thrive

Step into a transformative space where your brand becomes a beacon of change and inclusivity within the legal industry. Black Counsel Forum (BCF) invites you to explore a unique sponsorship opportunity that goes beyond traditional alliances. As a BCF sponsor, you're not just aligning with an organisation; you're becoming an integral part of a movement dedicated to reshaping the very fabric of the legal profession.


Why Sponsor

Visibility and Commitment to DEI

Showcase your brand as a leader committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the legal sector. As a BCF sponsor, your brand becomes synonymous with a genuine commitment to fostering positive change for Black lawyers.


Networking Opportunities

Unlock exclusive business development opportunities by connecting with top Black legal talent. BCF events provide a platform to engage with professionals from diverse backgrounds, creating meaningful connections that transcend the event.


Access to Top Legal Talent

Position yourself as a supporter of the legal community by gaining access to a highly skilled and motivated pool of Black lawyers. Explore potential collaborations, talent acquisition, and business development opportunities.


Showcase Your Commitment

Demonstrate to clients and employees that your organisation intentionally invests in Black legal talent. Your sponsorship goes beyond financial support; it symbolises your dedication to driving positive change within the legal profession.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Your partnership with BCF 2024 is not just an investment in an event but in the empowerment and advancement of Black legal professionals.


Join us on this transformative journey and position your brand as a catalyst for positive change within the legal industry.

For inquiries, contact Delphine at

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