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"Be a lawyer or a doctor"

That was the mantra from many of our parents and our grandparent’s generation! Being a lawyer meant you had arrived!


We want to celebrate and build on the success of the many Black lawyers who have gone before us.


But what does success look like for us as black lawyers?  For us it’s not just about the headline stats on black representation across the legal profession.


We know that law is an extremely competitive profession for everyone. But we know from empirical and anecdotal evidence that being a Black lawyer in the UK can be a relentless uphill battle - even for the most resilient and driven. It can take an extraordinarily long time to make it to the top, and along that journey, we can experience isolation and stress. The legal profession can be a hostile environment!


The aim of the Black Counsel Forum is to provide a space where we can pour into each other in a deep and meaningful way and share the best practice learnings from across our legal community – each one teach one! This jam-packed weekend will bring to you the most distinguished Black lawyers and presenters from across the legal industry to share very personal accounts of the highs and lows of their career journeys, the mindset changes you need to THRIVE, smart relationship building strategies and ways of working needed to excel.  Come and experience the  tried and tested strategies to take advantage of opportunities and create an impact on your career.  We want you to FLOURISH and not just survive.


Our aim is to support lawyers from all tracks of the profession to thrive in their careers and to conquer their goals ...with their mental health, physical health, identity and integrity intact!


Black Excellence in Law!

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