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Who We Are
Empowering Black Lawyers to Thrive

Black Counsel Forum (BCF) is a dynamic and transformative community for solicitors and barristers across all practice areas. BCF is forged with a clear purpose — to empower, nurture professional growth, and redefine the future of the legal profession for Black lawyers.


What We Do

Empowerment - BCF orchestrates transformative events and programs tailored to the needs of Black lawyers.

Professional Development - Our initiatives encompass curated professional development, inspirational keynotes, interactive workshops, and high-calibre networking opportunities.

Community Building - We stand as a unique platform where Black lawyers can connect, share and learn in an environment designed for their needs and interests.

At BCF we take a unique approach to overcome the distinct challenges faced by Black lawyers in the UK and Europe.

Challenges: in Talent Recruitment and Retention:

The legal profession, esteemed for its commitment to justice, faces a critical challenge—recruiting and retaining high-quality Black legal talent. Despite the profession's best intentions, persistent barriers hinder the seamless integration of Black lawyers into the workforce.

Diversity Targets: Progress at a Crawl.
While the legal profession has embarked on a brave journey toward diversity and inclusion, progress remains a slow crawl, particularly when it comes to achieving diversity targets for Black lawyers, especially at senior levels. The gap between rhetoric and reality persists, highlighting the urgency for change.

Networking Opportunities: Bridging the Gap

Networking is the lifeblood of career growth in the legal realm. Yet, Black lawyers often find themselves navigating a landscape where they feel isolated and access to established networks remains a challenge. BCF stands as a bridge, connecting Black legal professionals with the networks that can be transformative for their careers.


Why Focus on Black Lawyers



At  BCF, our purpose is crystal clear: to empower Black lawyers by fostering a vibrant community dedicated to mutual enhancement and support in a safe and inclusive space where Black lawyers connect, share, and learn.

CONNECT - High-calibre networking with lawyers from all tracks of the profession and across a wide range of practice areas.


SHARE - Candid faculty sharing vulnerabilities and engaging in straight talk.


LEARN - Road-tested ways of working, relationship-building, and self-investment strategies.

What We Do

BCF curates transformative events that redefine success for Black lawyers. From inspirational keynotes and interactive workshops to dynamic panels , our initiatives aim to equip, advance, and transform the careers of Black legal professionals across all tracks of the profession.

Our meticulously crafted annual BCF conference has seen huge increase in the number of attendees year on year, bringing together distinguished speakers, dynamic workshops, and a vibrant supportive community. The impact extends far beyond the event's duration, leaving attendees inspired, supported, and deeply connected to a network of like-minded professionals.

In the spirit of Chatham House rules, we foster an environment that encourages real talk and candid discussions. This provides a unique platform for professionals to engage openly about the challenges and triumphs of their journey. Our approach is rooted in the principles of empowerment, collaboration, and practicality, ensuring that every BCF initiative serves as a catalyst for tangible and sustainable change.

BCF events transcend the conventional; they go beyond a singular experience, creating an ongoing ecosystem of mentorship and collaboration.

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